Aohai Milestones:

  1. A type C charger manufacturer,name AoHai Established in Shenzhen in 2004
  2. Dongguan production base put into use in 2012
  3. Jiangxi production base put into use in 2014
  4. India production base put into use in 2017
  5. Indonesia production base put into use in 2018
  6. Officially entered in capital market in 2020
  7. New Production Base in Dongguan was established 2021
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What are Aohai doing these years?

  • AoHai has significant competitive advantages in R&D innovation, production operation, quality management and rapid response, etc. AoHai has established stable cooperative relationships with international famous brand customers such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Rong Yao, Vivo, OPPO,  MOTO, Amazon, Google, Best Buy, Belkin, Mophie, etc. and has earn ourselves a high degree of mutual recognition. AoHai is capable of develop heavy buyer.

  • R&D Innovation and Product Innovation Capability: AoHai first started with 2.5W (5V0.5A) low power wired chargers, and now it has achieved mass production of 5W (5V1A), 10W (5V2A), 18W (9V2A), 22.5W (10V2.25A), 33W (11V3A), 40W (10V4A), 66W (11V6A), 120W (20V6A) and 120W (20V6A). AoHai always pays attention to, tracks and researches the latest technology in the industry, continuously promotes R&D innovation and product innovation, improves manufacturing technology, enhances product performance and quality, and participates in the formulation of industry standards while safeguarding customer needs. At the same time, AoHai has participated in the formulation of industry standards, participated in the establishment of the National Electronic Product Safety Standardization Technical Committee and served as the first member and deputy secretary-general to promote the development of industry technology;

  • We not only focuses on the R&D process of product 0-1, but also focuses on the consistent development and mass production process of product 1-N. We have been recognized as Provincial and Municipal Engineering Technology Center, Guangdong Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, Guangdong Innovative Enterprise, etc., and has established Guangdong doctoral workstation; AoHai has established cooperation with Zhejiang University and other research institutions in production, learning and research.
  • By the end of year 2021, AoHai has obtained 323 patents, including 26 invention patents, 195 utility model patents and 102 design patents.

  • AoHai has established four manufacturing bases in Dongguan Aohai, Jiangxi Aohai, India Hihai and Indonesia Aohai, and AoHai’s production capacity will exceed 210 million units in 2020. On the one hand, with the production projects of Dongguan Aohai intelligent terminal accessories and Jiangxi Aohai wireless charger and intelligent fast charging production line, AoHai’s production capacity potential will be fully released. On the other hand, AoHai has invested heavily in a new automated production line, equipped with the intelligent manufacturing MES system developed by Aohai, realizing real-time status monitoring of the product production process, and 100% data traceability of the whole process from material entry, on-line assembly, testing, delivery and after-sales. In the overall production direction, AoHai implements the LP (Lean Production) concept, creates a defect-free production model line according to the beat, and implements the pull production method, which can reduce the process WIP (work-in-process), improve product quality, shorten the manufacturing cycle, and enhance the equipment OEE (equipment operation rate), thus greatly improving the scale manufacturing efficiency and giving full play to the scale manufacturing capacity. AoHai has a large scale of output and occupies a large market share, and maintains a large demand for raw materials all year round, which gives AoHai a strong bargaining ability in cooperation with upstream suppliers, and can reduce the purchase price of raw materials and equipment to a certain extent to enhance the cost advantage of products.

  • In addition, AoHai’s  oversea production bases not only have low labor and land costs due to localized manufacturing, but also avoid trade barriers, which can eliminate the complicated procedures and high import and export tariffs required for the import and export of products, thus reducing customers’ product costs.  AoHai’s inventory turnover rate has a relative advantage in the industry. AoHai is able to follow the market trend and quickly upgrade its products to meet the rapidly changing market demand. We can guarantee the supply of raw materials on time and in quality. At the same time, with its strong R&D and product innovation capabilities, efficient supply chain management capabilities and large-scale manufacturing capabilities, AoHai is able to effectively reduce the switching time for production of multiple batches of products, minimize the product development and production cycle, further enhance its ability to take orders of all kinds and significantly improve its production efficiency, so that it can respond to customer demand quickly and organize production and timely delivery according to orders. In this way, AoHai can continuously seize the market development opportunities in the fast-changing market environment.

  • AoHai insists on the product quality policy of “elaborate manufacturing, excellence; sincere service, win customers”, and has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, QC080000 and other quality and environment related certification systems and complied with them in its production operation. AoHai has a perfect quality management system covering the whole production life cycle from product development to shipment, from APQP (Advance Product Quality Planning), D/PFMEA (Design/Process Failure Mode and Consequence Analysis), DFX (Design for all aspects of the product life cycle), etc. to material, process and shipment quality control, ORT control (product reliability testing) to customer service. To customer quality, AoHai will conduct comprehensive testing on various indicators such as insulation, EMI (electromagnetic interference), lightning protection, anti-static, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, drop resistance, plugging performance, electrical performance, etc. to ensure the high quality of products. At present, the average product throughput rate of AoHai’s 2020 manufacturing bases has reached more than 99%, and the throughput rate of some products has reached 99.6%, which is still in the process of continuous improvement. In addition, AoHai also continues to use the operation mechanism and interaction of the “31 elements of quality, lean production, digital management” troika; the introduction of SPC (statistical process control) process control methods, DOE (design of experiments) verification of key process parameters, key parameters CPK (process capability index) and equipment GR&R (evaluation of the repeatability of measurement systems). (evaluation of the repeatability and reproducibility of the measurement system) and other monitoring, using the PDCA (Planning, Execution, Inspection and Processing) cycle to continuously improve quality, ensure manufacturing stability, and continuously improve the level of quality control.
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