Aging Test for Wall Chargers? Is it necessary?

Before wall chargers or adapters get into the market, there is a test call Aging Test is a must do test before wall chargers sent from workshop. Aging test can guarantee wall chargers’ life span and quality before they reach the consumers’ hand.


Power adapter and charger aging test is belong to Environmental Stress Screening (Environmental Stress Screening) referred to as ESS, it is a fairly prevalent method of quality and reliability assurance. As the name implies, environmental stress screening is the use of external environmental stress, so that the latent in the electronic hardware due to weak components and bad process and other factors caused by the early occurrence of defects and exposed, and then use a variety of appropriate inspection or testing methods to find out these products with defects to remove, or take corrective action to repair, in order to improve the manufacturing quality product, to maintain the design Therefore, the delivery products that pass ESS are those with excellent quality and high reliability, and can be used normally by customers.


Why do we need to conduct strict aging tests during the production process?

During aging test, the modular power supply will generally to work at full load for a long time. How long can this last? Generally 2 hours. Of course, some factories, in order to cut some cost, shorten aging time to 1 hour. Even very individual companies do not even aging products.

Why need aging test when the production is finished, and the wall chargers can be put into normal use?

We have accumulated our own experience and lessons, by learning the following conclusions:  the majority of power chargers’ failures occur at the beginning and end of their life span. What occur in the end, can not be controlled, but the initial period is controllable within the factory gate. But small workshops generally do not do aging test. Or they just “hand over” aging test work to the user. So sometimes, you may find a seem-ok charger not working after one week or one month. One key element to define whether a manufacturer is good or bad, is having aging test equipment and standard progress.


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