What’s the difference between a Power supply, Adapter, and Battery Charger?

When you plug in your laptop, phone, or other electronics, the wall outlet supplies the power to your device with a portable small gadget that can be an adapter or a tiny power supply. We all know the basic definition of a power supply as being a device that provides electrical energy, right? But what exactly is it? And what’s the difference between an adapter, battery charger, and power supply?

If you are in doubt as to which power supply you need, you can check out this helpful guide to power supplies.


What does a power supply do?

The power supply plays a vital role in an electrical electronic system that converts the alternating current (AC) from the wall socket into direct current (DC) that is usable by the rest of the system and electronic devices. Power supplies come in various sizes, ranging from small transformers to larger and more powerful units used for large equipment such as personal computers.

Computer systems include multiple power supplies. These supplies deliver varying voltages to the motherboard and components. One power supply might produce 5 volts; another might produce 12 volts, and so on.


What is a power adapter in electronics?

An adapter is a power supply or source that doesn’t charge a battery rather it just supplies the required power to run a device. For instance, if you are using a 5V DC fan or any electronic gadget, then you may need an adapter to convert this (120V) to the DC voltage required by your device (5V).

Customized power adapters are also worthwhile for customized load requirements so you can have a look at any leading supplier like 10kchargers which offers a wide range of 12W-36W.


What are battery chargers and their use?

The charger is mainly a high-tech electronic item used to recharge the batteries of electrical devices like smartphones and cameras. It is specifically designed to charge a rechargeable device. Powerful current-limiting and voltage-limiting control circuits are embedded in the charger that is engineered to comply with charging characteristics. Fast charging (more amperage), top-up charging, and trickle charging are famous types of charging modes available in this space.

If we have a 3.8V 3300 mAh Smartphone battery then we must look for a charger to charge this as per the required electric current and voltage. Higher ratings of battery chargers including EV chargers are also in demand.

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Key differences between a Power supply, Adapter, and Battery Charger

  • adapters are available in both AC-AC and AC-DC variants but chargers are only designed and available in the AC-DC variant as batteries only work on DC.
  • In major cases, the output of the charger (Voltage) is always higher than the voltage required for that specific battery of the gadget. For example, there is always a 5V charger needed to supply charging amps for a 4.3V battery.
  • The power adapter just performs Voltage stabilization, and not includes the constant current and voltage limit features as that of a charger.
  • The power supply or power adapterprovides power to electronic equipment while the charger powers the battery.
  • Power adapters work with low-voltage electronics while power supplies work with large electronic items like DC-powered air conditioners and a computer.
  • Power Supplies are best suited for static applications (supplying constant Voltage), on the other hand, a Charger works by continuously regulating current to smartphones or other battery-powered mobile devices.


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