What are the Different Levels of Electric Vehicle Charging?

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain popularity as an alternative to gasoline-powered cars, EV charging stations are becoming a key infrastructure for powering these vehicles. The US government has already set a target to install 500,000 EV chargers by 2030 throughout the country. To continue that pace, businesses should also take part by installing these at their premises and parking lots.

For a business, the crucial step is to decide what type of charging station is best suitable, and which charging level should be adopted that could bring more value for their customers and ultimately revenue. Here is a brief detail about various EV charging levels so you can take an informed decision.


Level 1 Electric Vehicle Charging:

Level 1 charging is the basic level (120V) of charging option available for electric vehicles, it still provides enough charge to get an electric vehicle ready for the next commute but with a bit slow speed. This type of charger instantly plugs into a common 120-volt household outlet and gets a Tesla, Chevy Bolt, or any other vehicle charged by adding 3-5 miles/hour on average. It can take approximately 8 to 10 hours to fill the charge into an empty EV battery.

Level 1 charging is best suitable for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) or any other vehicle with a battery capacity of less than 25 kWh.


Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging:

7KW AC EV Charging Station

The powerful and fastest way to charge an EV is at Level 2 (240V) charging stations. These include standard charging stations found at many gas stations, and at public locations such as restaurants, hotels, and airports. These fast-charging systems involve connecting an EV to a dedicated station that is capable of charging at rates ranging from 25 miles per hour to 75 miles per hour.

Businesses that have adopted level 2 fast charging stations got more visitors on their marketplace as most EV owners prefer to be charged from a fast and more powerful charging station readily available for them. A 7.4 kW level 2 EV charger adds up to 25 miles of range and a 22 kW charger could do 75 miles of range which is enough to satisfy an EV driver in minimal time.


Level 3 (DC fast) Electric Vehicle Charging:

Many cities and countries are rolling out level three DC fast charging (400V) stations. These chargers provide much higher power than level two DC charging, meaning EV drivers with even much high-capacity batteries can get an instant charge and travel farther on a single charge. This is the option that never lets any EV driver away from your business place without charging-yes its damn true!

An ideal example is a 120kW wall box charging station with 10kchargers with 200-1000 Vdc powerful output that could be the best option for businesses seeking a monster of EV charging to add more value to their shopping center, restaurant, or any other business.


How a fast EV charging adds up value to your business?

By reducing wait times and increasing customer comfort, your customers will choose to stay longer and buy more. Not only will your customers come back, but they’ll also share the experience with their friends and family. It also does…

  • Help you increase your brand’s visibility in the community
  • Many communities and municipalities offer incentives to install fast chargers
  • Irresistible attraction for potential customers
  • Makes your business more environment friendly

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