Do EV chargers have to be smart?

Being a valuable part of a clean energy revolution, electric vehicles are continuously following the uptrend worldwide. Many countries including the USA, UK Norway, Germany, Japan, France, and China are investing millions to build charging infrastructure including smart car chargers for EVs.

A conventional EV charging station user has to operate the charger manually by plugging in the charging connecter, and continuously observing the charging parameters to run the process while standing nearby which feels boring sometimes.

SMART EV charging is the next step in EV charging offering your customers intelligent control over the whole charging process with Wi-Fi connectivity, ultimately making your business place desirous for EV charging.


Why businesses should upgrade their electric vehicle chargers to smart ones?

SMART EV charging is the best choice for numerous businesses as it allows all charging stations to be monitored with a smartphone app via Open Charging Point Protocol (OCPP). This way, business owners and customers can track the status of EV charging, and energy consumption, and do complete management of the charging process.


For digital management and remote monitoring of EV charging:

To solve the challenges associated with charging and monitoring electric vehicles, traditional EV chargers should be smart enough to let a user monitor all charging parameters (current, voltage and power, and remaining charge) remotely over the internet (Wi-Fi, LTE). It is now crucial to upgrade your EV charging station to the smarter one that provides more convenience, and more control with just a finger touch on your smartphone.

7KW AC EV Charging Station

For Intelligent Power Sharing:

Every business has a certain limit of allocated electric supply hence proper energy management and load balancing is the foremost step to utilizing energy resources efficiently.

A conventional EV charger can’t do load balancing and dynamic power sharing (DPS) so for that purpose, you have to look for a smart EV charging station. Intelligent power sharing or load balancing allows consumers to charge their electric vehicles efficiently without incurring peak charge penalties for business owners.


Scheduled charging is possible for customers shopping around:

The key to making your EV charging station successful and supportive for customers is to provide a smart solution that could open new doors of convenience for them. A SMART EV charging station is always capable to offer an incredible feature that enables every customer to schedule EV charging while shopping at your business place.

Both 7kW and 120kW charging stations by “10kchargers” provide amazing SMART features like scheduled charging and load balancing that could uplift your business by offering smart EV charging to potential customers.


Easy mobile payments can’t be done with a conventional EV charger

For EV drivers, using a traditional EV charger that doesn’t recognize the mobile wallet and secure online payment options is just another hassle. It can take a few minutes longer than a quick swipe or tap on your smartphone, and the process feels clunky compared to the ease of payment you’d have with the use of a SMART charging station.

Businesses are looking for new ways to make the payment process more convenient for EV owners. For them, a smart EV charging infrastructure in place could be a worthwhile investment that offers a smooth charging experience along with super easy mobile payments via a handy Android/IOS device.

It is a truth that if your customer would be happy, you’d be too!


Let us provide a smart EV charging solution for your business needs

The secret to successful sales is selling a product or service that addresses an unmet need. Today, 10KChargers provides all-inclusive SMART EV charging solutions to businesses looking to install highly efficient charging stations in their facilities.

The world is going SMART so why not your business too? Let us provide you with the power of smart EV charging for your business place that has the potential to attract more customers with its unbeatable smart features.