There is no denying the power of authenticity for a business. When consumers feel as though they know you, trust you, and like you, they tend to treat you as a trusted source. One of the biggest mistakes that small businesses make is taking shortcuts by dealing with suppliers who are not reputable. You, as a business owner, may think you can get away with this but chances are you will eventually be caught out.

Confirming the legitimacy of suppliers could be a hassle, but it can save a lot of headaches and potential disasters. We’ve put together a checklist that can help you identify the critical factors of a legitimate supplier, so you can protect your brand and ensure that you’re collaborating with the right business partner.


Scrutinize their website: Does it look professional?

If you want to know if a company is legitimate, check its business website. If it looks sloppy, poorly written, or like something you’d expect to see on a site of a fly-by-night operation, run away.

If you are looking to buy an authentic product or service from someone who seems trustworthy, you need to double-check that the business or company exists in the real world and if it does, that they are authorized to sell the product. Make sure their website is professional and duly equipped with all the necessary information.


Confirm the supplier’s authenticity by searching online

Before you spend your money or take delivery of your product or service, look for evidence of the business’s history and credibility by searching online about their reputation. Searching online will allow you to find reviews of the company. Look at the feedback from potential customers and complaints the company receives.

Do the suppliers come off as authentic, or do they seem shady? If they’re, let them go away.


Request information about the company

A key to finding trustworthy suppliers is asking questions that help build trust between you and the vendor. The questions you should ask:

  • Who are the owners of this business?
  • How many years have they been in business?
  • Can they show you financial statements?
  • How do they protect their customer’s personal data?
  • What do they do if they discover that a breach has occurred?
  • Do they want to be paid for your product upfront or upon delivery?
  • What is their return policy?

If the vendor does not provide these answers, keep looking for a vendor who does.


Ask for references from past customers

In order to boost your business, a reliable supplier is crucial. The easiest way to validate the legitimacy of a supplier or service provider is to ask for references from past customers. There are two reasons why you should always ask for references: the first is to verify that the supplier is legitimate, and the second is to gain additional information about the quality of the service they will provide.

References, especially positive ones, carry a lot of weight. If a company has a solid reputation and people who had ever worked with them come back and say that everything was fine, you can rest assured that they are reliable.


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