Reliable USB Charger Supplier

When sourcing with a China supplier, one of the significant aspects to consider is whether they have ability of making good quality USB chargers or not. Some of the business buyer managers may attempted to go with a USB charger supplier that offers the lowest price, it is very dangerous that considering pricing is the only thing matters. The qualifications for a USB charger supplier differ from customer to customer. This blog will focus on four main areas: Safety, Quality, Samples, and Delivery time.

USB Charger Samples:


The first thing that you need to do when you are targeting some products in a supplier is to ask for samples. You may advise your requirement on what to add on samples. For examples, when customers want to have samples of our 20w chargers, we will generally ask for design of laser carving if provided. Samples is a very power tool to evaluate the supplier.


USB Chargers Safety

The best and most safe way to have a supplier, is to ask recommend list from reliable friends. However, in most case, purchasing manager will have to google and scan many information. Safety is the first and foremost thing you should consider when inquiring from a supplier. A good USB charger manufacturer should have safety certifications like UL, CE, FCC etc. To ensure that your supplier has these certifications, you can request them to show them to you.

If they are reluctant to do so, then beware! You should also check whether they are ISO certified or not, as this will tell you how serious they are in terms of quality control and manufacturing processes. To make yourselves 100% assure of the supplier, you may also hire 3rd party factory audit or ask a friend to pay a visit in China.


USB Charger Quality Control System

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘quality’ is probably something related to durability or safety.

When sourcing for a suitable USB charger supplier in China, look for one with a reputation for producing quality products. Ask around and see what others say about their experience with them. Also, check reviews from previous customers on sites like Alibaba or Made-in-China to know what quality you should expect from them. Quality assurance is another essential thing to consider when searching for a suitable USB charger supplier.

You want to ensure that the quality control process is strict and thorough so that no faulty products end up making their way out of the market. The last thing you want is for your customers to be disappointed by their purchases because they were defective or did not work correctly. It’s also important for them to have proper documentation on all the materials used in manufacturing their products. If any problems arise, they can quickly identify what caused them and how they should fix them. 10kchargers accept 3rd party inspection or mid term inspection.


Delivery Time

When ordering from China, you must call early enough to give yourself enough time to receive your order on time.

Most suppliers will have an estimated delivery date listed on their website—usually about 4 weeks, but this can vary depending on how busy they are at the time of your order, so plan accordingly!

If you have large order, then it is a very smart choose to choose 10kchargers, 10kchargers have 3 shifts on workshop to make sure we maintain the biggest capacity.



As you can see, above are a few important factors to consider when sourcing for a USB charger supplier. Of course, there are so much more to consider about: good communication, you don’t want to have your email replied 2 days late. Reliable after-sale services: problems occurs and get taken good care of, no leave over.


It pays to do research and find a suitable USB charger supplier. In the end, that extra time and effort will likely pay off, so there’s little reason not to do it. If you want to grow your business in the long run, having a high-quality supplier is just as important.


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