How your wall charger suppliers can assure the safety of their products to you? 10kchargers is proud of making high quality wall chargers by involving automatic product line and quality control system. We earn ourselves good reputation by investing in up-to-date quality control and test machines. Excellent profession stuff as well.

So, what is 10kchargers’s product process in making high quality wall chargers in 10kchargers?


  1. Producing wall chargers’case from moulding machines.
  2. SMT Patching. Assemble IC chips to PCB by SMT machines automatically10kchargers High Quality Wall Chargers PCBA-SMT
  3. PCB into reflow soldering
  4. Insert diodes, capacitors, transistors, resistors and transformer(s) into PCB, and sent them into auto wave soldering machines, make sure the pins of the components are completely attached to PCB.
  5. AOI Inspection Auto PCB detecting
  6. Cutting PCB into units
  7. Putting PCB into shell, and semi-finished production ATE test
  8. Ultrasonic welding the body case and button case.
  9. Aging Test
  10. Laser engraving
  11. Automatic finished products ATE test
  12. Packed and delivery.


Besides the above steps, we have also raw material 100% inspect before getting into warehouse. Each batch of high quality wall chargers will be attached a product test report. 10kchargers is your reliable supplier. Check our products HERE and Contact us to make yourself big money now!