Is USB-C and PD charger the same?

Is USB-C and PD charger the same?

As smartphones become increasingly more powerful and feature-packed, so too does the tech that powers them. One such advancement is the USB-C and PD mobile charger. This charging standard is becoming more popular with emerging advancements of smartphone manufacturers and customers tilt, but are USB-C and PD mobile chargers the same thing?

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sers, opinions vary. Some prefer USB-C for reversible data transfer, while others prefer PD for charging. Some believe that USB-C and PD mobile chargers are interchangeable, while others believe that it is best to invest in a device that supports both standards to get maximum power output.

What is USB-C technology?

USB-C, short for Universal Serial Bus Type-C, is a new type of connector and cable technology that has gained traction in the mobile device market. USB-C is the latest iteration of USB technology, featuring a reversible connector, faster transfer speeds, and more efficient charging capabilities. It is quickly becoming the connector of choice for mobile devices and is already being used on many of today’s smartphones and tablets. It is a great solution for those who are always on the go, as it allows them to charge their device quickly and conveniently.

The match and mismatch of USB-C & PD technology

The short answer to the question “Is USB-C and PD mobile chargers the same thing” is “No”. USB-C is a physical port USB connector specifically built for reversible data transfer, while PD (Power Delivery) is a protocol that dictates how power is transferred between two devices. USB-C can be used with or without PD, and PD can be used with or without USB-C. In other words, you can have a USB-C charger without PD, but it won’t be nearly as fast and efficient as a USB-C charger with Power Delivery.

Today in the market, PD chargers are strong enough to deliver 45W, 65W, and up to 100W power in minimal time to the device being charged which is an eye-opening factor in comparison to old-fashioned sluggish chargers.

Why is the market shifted toward PD chargers?

The global mobile chargers market has seen a shift in the last couple of years toward Power Delivery (PD) chargers and PD technology. This shift is driven by the need for faster and more efficient charging solutions that can keep up with the ever-growing demand for faster-charging speeds and higher power outputs.

PD technology works by sending power from the mobile charger to the device safely and efficiently. It can send power at up to 100 watts, which is far greater than the traditional USB charging standard which can only send up to 5 watts. Traditional chargers use a trickle charge, meaning that the voltage is kept at a low level. This can cause the device to overheat and become damaged over time. This means that PD chargers can provide far faster-charging speeds than traditional USB chargers, which boosted sales of PD chargers.

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