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5V2A USB Charger US | JPN Plug
qc3.0 charger 18w US plug charger
QC 3.0 Charger 18W USB Charger
USB Charger Factory Wholesaler
5v2a USB Charger EU Plug

USB C Laptop Charger  for mobiles/tablets/laptops/game consoles etc

China Portable USB Charger Manufacturer Bulk Order Only
20W USB C Charger US/EU/UK/AU Plug
30W USB C Charger US/EU/UK/AU Plug
45W USB C Charger US/EU/UK
45W USB C Charger US/EU/UK
45W GaN PD Wall Charger
45W GaN PD Wall Charger
45W USB-C Charger Custom iPhone Charger in Bulk
45W USB C Charger Dual Port USB Charger
65W USB C charger
65W USB C Charger
65 Watt USB C Charger Gan Charger
Macbook USB C Charger Gan Charger
Macbook USB C Charger Gan Charger

If you have your own power adapter ID and would like to turn it into a real product with 10kchargers, here’s what you can expect. You can reach out to one of our sales representatives who will take care of all your issues at 10kchargers. The representative can help you with the following steps:

  • Ask us to sign an NDA, and they will help you apply for an official stamp and signature.
  • Send the necessary files to the sales representative, and they will translate them into Chinese and apply for setting up a new project.
  • Once the power adapter project is approved, our structure engineer and electronic engineer will get involved.
  • We will evaluate the availability of the ID and work out the cost of mold or necessary modifications, if needed.
  • If the mold project is approved by the customer, our purchase manager will evaluate the capability of potential molding factories and choose the most competitive supplier. Our quality assurance team will participate in the process.
  • EVT, 3D samples/CNC samples will be offered by our engineers and provided to you for amendment, if needed.
  • After amendment, DVT samples will be provided and amended if needed.
  • PVT samples will be provided after modification, and amended if needed.
  • Once the power adapter project is approved, we will proceed with mass production.
  • You may use your own forwarder or our forwarder to ship your goods to your warehouse. The representative will assist you with this.

“I just want to customized my own logo on your product, what should I do?

  • Negotiate pricing and MOQ for the power adapters or wall chargers you want to order.
  • Send your logo and other necessary files to Ada. She will help transfer them to the person responsible.
  • After a few days, you may receive a PDF with your logo on the samples.
  • You need to sign the samples back to Ada.
  • Once the samples are approved, we will proceed with the production process.
  • You may choose to use your own forwarder or 10kchargers’s to ship the goods to your warehouse.