10A-16A Portable EV Car Charger

10A-16A Portable EV Car Charger

Travel EV Charger Specfication:

  • Input Voltage:220Vac±20%
  • Output Currency:0~16A
  • Working Temperature:-20℃~~+55℃
  • Storage Temperature:-40℃~~+60℃
  • Protection Grade:IP67
  • Size:215mm*90mm*65mm
  • Standard:GB/T 18487.1-2015

LEVEL 1 EV Car Charger Features:

  • Portable EV charger with a compact & lightweight design that is attractive.
  • Fast charging technology for up to 16 amps.
  • Excellent performance even in high temperatures up to 55C.
  • Portable and handy, best travel Companion for all EV charging needs.
  • Tested and verified for Electric Shock Protection, Overload, and short circuit protection as per GB/T 18487.1-2015 standard.
  • Solid build with all necessary indicators.
    • Power On
    • Charging
    • Stop
    • Fault
  • IP67 rating indicates the waterproofing of the device and the protection from dust particles.

Portable EV Car Charger Description:

Let yourself be free from worries about charging your electric car, and enjoy all the fun of driving with no fear of running out of power. Our handy portable EV charger lets you charge your EV battery quickly, so you can fully enjoy your next road trip. With our car fast charger, you can charge any electric vehicle, including small cars, SUVs, or trucks. It’s easy to use, and it’s also durable, convenient, safe, simple, and affordable, in short, your best travel companion. Our car fast charger offers an ergonomic design that catches your eye right off the bat.

Our best-in-class car charger offers level 1 fast charging and excellent performance for quickly charging your EV car battery. This EV charging gun delivers a 10A-16A powerful current to charge your battery instantly. It’s an intelligent and user-friendly wallbox charger that conveniently plugs into any 220V wall outlet, starts feeding your car’s battery, and then automatically shuts off after charging is complete. You can also easily remove the power plug from the socket, fold up the power cord and store it safely in your car’s trunk.

The performance of this level 1 charger doesn’t affect by the temperature. It works perfectly within the working temperature range of -20℃~+55℃ degrees making it the perfect choice for any season. This level 1 charger is capable of operating in extreme cold and heat alike. It works effectively in crazy hot summers just like it does in heavy snows of winters. A storage temperature of -40℃~+60℃ is recommended for the longevity of the battery and ensures optimal performance.

This handy gadget has a supreme solid body with power, charging, stop, and faults indicators to easily identify the state of charging. When the battery and EV car

charger is connected, the power indicator turns green, and a stop light appears when there is any interruption during the charging process. Besides this portable electric car charger features a small and lightweight body which makes this level 1 charger ideal to travel anywhere anytime. It can be placed in your car without occupying too much space.

Fully compliant with safety standards GB/T 18487-1-2015 and duly checked and verified for electric shock protection, overload, and short circuit protection, ensuring that you can charge without fear of harm and safety concerns. For a safe and secure operation, the electrical installation in homes should comply with the safety regulations and have circuit breakers and an earthing system to protect against overload and earth leakage. The sockets should have blanker devices to prevent accidental contact.

The 10A-16A Portable EV Car Charger is made of high-quality material, which is IP67 certified and can withstand water splashes too. It is also able to withstand humidity and dust, making it a great choice for outdoor use. Now carry it anytime anywhere and use it confidently without worries.

This travel EV charger is a must-have for any EV driver and is ideal for road trips, camping, and other activities. Why not give a try to our Portable EV Car Charger today? Send us a query and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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