120kw Evbox Charging Stations

120kW Public EV Charging Station Features:

  • Latest 120kW DC fast charging technology-unmatched super-fast EV charging fills energy in few minutes
  • Heavy-duty EV charging machine ideal for Parking lots, Shopping centers, and commercial use
  • Easy installation with human-accessible floor standing design
  • Three-phase 5 lines standalone unit with 380V AC input supply and up to 1000V DC high voltage output best for heavy-duty EV batteries
  • Super Clear 7 inches color display panel with LED indicators and fully functional touch control make it standout as a user-friendly device
  • Home EV charging stationwith 2 Charging ports for simultaneous charging output saves time
  • Easily withstands harsh temperature ranges between 40c-75c with a storage temperature capability of 40c-80c
  • Fully compatible with Electric vehicle standards GBT20234.3-2015, GB18487.2-2017, and NTB 33002-2018 for smooth operation
  • Integrated protections like Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Overcurrent, Short circuit, Leakage protection, Lightning protection, Grounding protection, Over temperature, and Fan Protection
  • Compatible with Ethernet/4g/Bluetooth and RFID card support for easy payments
  • Fully safe and secure-protective casing with metal sheet and armored glass with IP54 protection

Public Charging Stations Description:

With the ever-rising demand for electric cars, it is now crucial to upgrade our charging infrastructure at public points. A parking lot of a shopping center can be the charging hub for many electric cars and generate revenue this way too. Our new 120kW Public EV Charging Station is no doubt a wonderful invention to compete with excessive demand of EV charging. Now fill your car’s battery with the latest DC-fast charging technology packed with maximum energy and performance for an everlasting charging experience that is not possible with a traditional EV charger.

In a nutshell, public charging stations are the ideal solution for parking lots, shopping centers, or any large-scale recreation to cope with high demand for charging. This public charging station offers convenient installation with human-accessible floor-standing designs. The three-phase AC power supply of 380V is required to run this amazing machine that provides powerful 200-1000V DC output to instantly charge most heavy-duty EV battery types such as Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, BMW, etc.

With its remarkable charging capacity, this home charging station can charge 2 electric vehicles at a time up to 3 times faster than traditional EV chargers, ultimately achieving new milestones in EV charging. Heavy duty unit equipped with the best cooling technology can easily withstand temperatures up to 75c with a storage temperature capability of 40c-80c making it all season’s boss.

This high-tech level 3 EV charger is specially designed to meet the demands of large-scale electric car charging. It is equipped with two charging ports so that both cars can be charged simultaneously. A user can view, monitor, and control the charging process through a 7″ color display touch panel. LED indicators are perfectly embedded into the display panel to indicate the status of the system. This powerful energy pump supports both wired Ethernet connection and wireless 4G LTE network for real-time charging monitoring. With its built-in RFID reader, this level 3 charger can automatically recognize the payment information of customers through their RFID cards.

Public EV charging stations and connector guns are built to comply with electric vehicle standards GBT20234-2015, GB18486-2017, and NTB33002-2018 for smooth operations. Intelligent electronic system of this level 3 charger acts as barrier against a lightning strike or a short circuit and saves you from consequential loss but it is recommended to connect provided ground connection for enhanced safety. Other safety protections include overvoltage, over temperature, and fan protection along with emergency stop button.

A fully enclosed design protects your public or home charging station from theft and vandalism. High-quality steel enclosure and armored glass comply with IP 54 guarantees a longer lifespan and act as a potential barrier against natural elements such as dust, oil, and water splash.

If you want blazing fast charging within a few minutes then look nowhere else than our level 3 EV charger. It’s a truly profitable opportunity for a business owner-grab this opportunity and generate more revenue. Contact us and let us answer all your queries!

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