7kw Home Wallbox Charger

Home Wallbox Charger

7kW AC Level 2 Home Wallbox Charger Features:

  • 7kW powerful level 2 EV charging station specially designed for boosted charging
  • Hassle-free placement in your home or garage with dual installation options either wall mounted or floor standing for ease of access
  • User-friendly interface with 4.3 inches touch panel operation
  • Durable design with metal body and armored glass to withstand the elements of nature
  • Direct connection with 220V home AC supply
  • Intelligent Electrical charging measurement Meter for better monitoring
  • Unparalleled network control and remote monitoring with operation platform networking
  • Easy mobile payments with Ethernet/4g connectivity
  • Fully compliant with the international standard for Electrical vehicles IEC62196-2 that applies to plugs, socket-outlets, vehicle connectors, and vehicle inlets with pins and contact tubes for a standardized operation.
  • Single phase level 2 chargerwith Protective Earthing added
  • Extraordinary safe operation with Overvoltage protection, Undervoltage protection, Overcurrent Protection, Short circuit protection, Leakage protection, Lightning protection, Over temperature protection
  • Integrated solution to protect from internal and external communication disruptions and data loss.
  • Ingress protection IP54, for dirt, dust, oil, and Protection from splashing water

EV Home Charger Description:

No longer do you have to wait around for hours to fully charge your Tesla car. With our new Level 2 Home Charger, you can rapidly recharge your Tesla, any electric vehicle, or SUV in just a couple of minutes! It is packed with 7 kW of powerful charging capability to give your EV battery an instant energy boost. It is one of our most popular EV chargers in the marketplace to meet your charging needs.

This innovative device is an easy-to-install, plug-and-play solution for charging electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Tesla Model S, Ford Focus Electric, BMW, and more. This compact EV home charger can be plugged into any standard outlet with a 220V AC supply and will charge up to 80% of battery capacity in just a few hours. You will never have to worry about finding a place to plug it in, this single phase level 2 charging station can easily fit in your small garage too. This unit has been engineered to provide maximum power output while maintaining a compact size. With its durable design and user-friendly touch panel, our level 2 EV charger is sure to become a favorite among homeowners looking to install a level 2 charging station in their homes.

This electric car charger for home is built with an intuitive electrical charging meter which can be used as a smart power monitor and EV charging management tool. Just like a fuel meter, a charging meter keeps you informed that how much charging is remaining to be fed to your EV. Our smart electric vehicle (EV) charger provides real-time data analysis and remote monitoring through operation platform networking, allowing users to manage their EVs’ charging status via the internet. The device has a built-in 4G modem, allowing users to connect wirelessly, check the status of their EV charging station or even pay bills online. It smartly checks internal and external communication disruptions and data loss and works accordingly.

As a supreme quality product, this EV charger is fully compliant with IEC 62196-2 covering the standardized operation of plugs, socket outlets, electric vehicle connectors, and vehicle inlets with pins and contact tubes. Its charging gun type duly follows GB/T20234.2-2015 standard related to the connection set for conductive charging of electric vehicles. To prevent excessive current, the earthling should be well connected with the device. The charging unit can be used indoors perfectly even close to the water splashes and shielded from dirt, dust, and oils with IP54.

This 7kW level 2 home charger gives the freedom to charge your EV while you take a rest in your bedroom– and we’re thrilled to be able to offer this option to you. Contact us now to grab this plug-and-play device and charge your EV with double speed. Fast charging within your budget!

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