Home Solar Battery System

AoHai Residential Solution – Battery Backup for House

Based on the low-carbon concept, and thanks for the competitiveness of the energy storage technology, the commercial application of PV+ESS will be gradually realized in developed areas. AoHai residential energy storage system solutions can quickly respond to EMS dispatching instructions, and form an intelligent and friendly power supply system with rooftop PV, making electricity safer. AoHai system is designed to operate perfectly with the grid to realize uninterruptable power supply for the users.

PV Charging Station Solution-AC-BUS solutions

The AC bus of integrated PV & storage and charging polwer station is a common solution at present. The AoHai series inverters can be widely used in the charging station for system power expansion and multi-function power complementaryscenarios.

C&I ESS Solutions

Industrial and commercial energy storage systems cannot only realize peak shaving, but also reduce trans-former capacity costs. AoHai home solar battery systems can achieve 98.7% conversion efficiency, increase the return on investment(ROI) for users.

AoHai Home Energy Storage System

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