UL Lithium Batteries Portable Power Station For Camping 2000W Main Features:

5 main safety mechanism:

  1. High quality and safety 40135 Lithium batteries.
  2. CID and VENT to cut off risks from software level.
  3. Standard and secondary circuit protection.
  4. Adaptive and intelligent charging model
  5. BMS protection

11 ports for Charging and discharging:

  1. AC Ports*2
  2. MTTP Charging from11-60V
  3. UPS available
  4. 2*USB-C fast charging: 140W
  5. 3*USB-A fast charging:18W
  6. DC2251
  7. Car Charger
  8. Wirelsss Charging Pad

Lithium Batteries Portable Power Station For Camping 2000W Data Sheet

AC Rated Power 2000W
Peak Power 4000W
Net Weight TBD
Dimenson TBD
Battery Capacitor 2048WH
Battery Cell Type LiFePO4
Rated Life Cycle 3500+ Cycles to 80% Capacity
Charger Temperature: 0°~40° (32°F~104°F)
Storage Ambient Temperature 0°~45° (32°F~113°F)
Working Environment Humidity
Warranty Period 5 years
AC Input 1800W MAX
PV Input 12/24V~75V
USB-C1/C2 Output 140W
Soft Car Jump Starter 14.5V
AC Output 2200W
USB-A1/A2/A3 Output 3*QC3.0
Cigarette Lighter 12.5V 10A
DC5521 1*12VDC,10A
Wireless Charging Pad 2*5/7.5/10/15w
Optional  Function
Battery Warming Support Temperature under -30°
Wifi Connect via Phone App
Bluetooth Connect via Phone App
Audio Voice Control Y
UPS 10ms
One Switch Muting Swith to Silient Charging Mode