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Setting up EV Charging Stations: All You Need to Know


If you’re a business owner and planning to establish your business on a rock-solid customer base in this competitive market, then you must think to install an EV charging station. If not then you are missing a golden opportunity to attract more customers and boost revenue.

Electric vehicles are achieving new landmarks of popularity with more than 4.3 million new BEVs and PHEVs sold in just the first half of 2022 with a massive +62 % rise compared to 2021. That’s why many businesses are installing EV chargers for promoting their products, services, or brands by grabbing more customer traffic at their premises.

Installing a commercial EV charging station is not as simple as it seems but could be hassle-free if proper SOPs are followed. Let’s discuss how you can set up one for your business.


120KW Public Charging Stations

Which type of EV charging station could be best for your business? 

A commercial EV charger needs to be designed to charge a full EV battery in minimal time. In the market, there are Level 1 (120V), Level 2(240V), and DC Fast (480V) charging stations. The main difference among all is the Voltage and charging potential. EV experts always advise installing Level 2 or DC fast charging stations for a business due to heavy-duty charging capability with the fastest 60 mins (in case of DC fast) charging time.


Steps to set up a commercial EV charging station



The foremost step is evaluating the existing infrastructure, including the availability of electricity, safety and lighting arrangements. Next, identify whether the location has an adequate number of spaces to accommodate the desired number of vehicles.


To boost your business, you need to understand who your customers are, how they want to consume your product, and which type of EV charging station is most suitable for them. The right EV Charging station type (level 2 or DC fast) and manufacturer are finalized with supported network services.

You can look at a powerful 120KW heavy-duty Public Charging Station by “10kchargers” that is specially designed to charge 2 vehicles at a time with the fastest charging current.


Once we knew what we wanted to build, we started to research the cost of the system. There are a lot of federal and state-level tax incentives and rebates that can significantly pull down the initial upfront cost up to 80% to make it affordable.


Now it’s time to go for the actual nuts and bolts of getting the installation done. All commercial level charging stations must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor while maintaining high-level HSE standards and quality. Electrical Supply and wiring should be upgraded if desired as per specifications of the charging station and voltage levels.


A reliable EV charging station-an opportunity to boost sales

The most dominant reason electric vehicles are slow to take off is the fact that there is no easy way for consumers to charge up their EVs in their driveway. When you install a highly efficient and fast charging station at your parking lot, it would be a win-win for your business and customers both as they would find it more convenient to charge up their cars while enjoying shopping or dining at your restaurant.

As your business would solely depend on an EV charging station so it should be equipped with the mark features like FASTEST charging, a Solid weatherproof body, and SMART payment options. We at 10kchargers, guarantee you that you’ll get all of them without compromising quality-ultimately resulting in repeat customers, superb feedback, and the fastest ROI.

Want to beat your competitors by grabbing more customers? Have a look at our product catalog, choose the right EV charging station, and get all EV drivers in your marketplace.

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