Whether you’re an iPhone owner or a Samsung phone-toting geek, everyone understands that your phone can be used until and unless it has enough charge in the battery to play games, watch movies and explore other smart features. When the battery sign on the top of screen appears red, you desperately look for a charger to instantly fill the juice in your phone’s battery.

From smart devices to smartphones, manufacturers have been developing different types of chargers to meet different needs. From sluggish and fatty old ones to powerful and fastest variants, there are numerous charger options out there for smartphone users who want to keep their phones charging at a moment’s notice.

Let’s see how mobile phone chargers have evolved from their humble beginnings into one of the most popular accessories available today.


A glance at the first Mobile Phone Charger?

Mobile chargers have a long history behind them. The very first mobile phone charger was invented and designed almost 22 years ago by Mr. Wen-Chin Yang who later patented it officially in 2000. The very basic version consisted of a USB interface, a basic AC-DC converter, and a charging plug.

The earliest versions of mobile phone chargers were bulky and heavy with a standard charging connector like the one used for old Nokia, Motorola phones. The basic versions were inexpensive enough that people could afford them without having to spend too much on them. They were offering a basic design and functionality along with a minimal charging current (few mA).


Mobile phone chargers 2003 onwards

From 2003, mobile phone chargers became a common accessory for feature phones. The charging circuitry was a little bit improved. The big hole for the NOKIA charging connector was converted into a small one to fit a 3.5mm charging connector. The chargers of the early stages were too sluggish, they were taking almost 4-5 hours to charge a phone from 0-100 percent which was a headache.

nokia charging mm


Clip-type universal chargers:

From 2003 onwards, we had enjoyed the odd looking Clip-type universal chargers which were used to charge the phone’s battery after placing it inside the housing of the charger. These chargers were equipped with the tiny LED lights that were blinking when a battery was undergoing the process of charging. They ruined many phone’s batteries with this direct charging process.

universal charger


Mini USB “T” type charging socket:

Later on, for the purpose of data transfer a Mini USB” “T” type charging socket was introduced along with the chargers. It was equipped with a narrow top and a wide bottom and was included with dual charging and data transfer features.


Compact chargers with USB 2.0:

From 2010 onwards, smartphones were becoming quite famous and mobile chargers were too compact till that time along with USB 2.0 support. Samsung, Motorola and Sony introduced the best smartphones that time and manufacturers were continuously advancing their chargers too. Till that time, mobile chargers up to 2A charging capacity were in use by tech lovers.


Chargers with Type C and fast charging support:

In the current era, with the introduction of fast charging, smartphone chargers are becoming more and more capable of providing a full charge in just a few minutes with 18W to 35W fast charging. This means that you can charge your device quickly and efficiently.


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