We live in a digital world where there are constant disruptions in technology. The need of the hour is for all our electronic devices to be charged and to be powered. We must charge our mobile phones, tablets and laptops regularly. Usually, we need an external power adapter for the times when our phone’s battery needs a jump.

A USB charger is a very handy gadget which can be used to charge the battery of any device quickly and efficiently via a charging port. The best quality USB charger is dependent on the size of the devices, battery rating and how much power is required. There are various types of USB charger available, let’s have a look.


USB A type chargers: suitable for home electronic items

If you’re a smart home tech user, you should be aware of how you power your electronic devices and the type of charger you use to charge your smart home products. To keep your smart gadgets charged, you need a reliable power adapter or charger with appropriate charging amperage (A) and required voltage (V).

USB type A is an old technology (low wattage) that has been used to charge devices like a phone, a smart watch, a power bank or a wireless headphones or other home gadgets.


USB C Power delivery (PD) Chargers

USB-C is the next generation connector for digital devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It allows for much faster charging speeds than current USB ports, along with a reversible plug. The new USB C power delivery (PD) chargers have a type C connector cable that allows the smartphones to charge up to 100W of power, which is rocket fast as previous technology.

USB-C PD standard has earned its popularity for its amazing features like compatibility with the USB 3.1 and USB Power Delivery 2.0 specs. Android smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets and most famous iPhone models support USB-C PD chargers as they deliver crazy speed and performance.


Foldable Prongs USB Chargers

When your phone charger has foldable prongs, you don’t have to worry about losing a prong while you travel, and you don’t have to feel regret of losing it to charge your device. Both type C and type C PD charger variants are available in the market to get an everlasting experience of fast charging.

These foldable prong USB chargers, such as those from 10kchargers, allow you to use as your best travel companion or useful in any outdoor activity. For iPhone lovers, our 45W USB-C Charger Custom iPhone Charger is an excellent option with foldable prongs.


Semiconductor GaN type Chargers

Gallium nitride, or GaN is the revolution in power adapters or chargers technology. It is majorly used in some sort of PV cells for satellite or space equipment etc. GaN is not new technology. However, in recent years, it’s become a more viable alternative to silicon (the current semiconductor standard) in chargers because it’s cheaper to manufacture, and it provides a better balance between heat and power. Silicon makes chargers too hot for consumers to hold comfortably, while GaN creates too little heat for consumers to be concerned about.

Also GaN semiconductor chargers are extremely compact in size so they are highly demanded by customers or tech lovers throughout the world to charge their electronic devices.


Which type of USB chargers should I choose to promote my brand?

With the evolution of portable electronics, the number of USB port-equipped devices has increased. Which is why an increasing number of consumers are turning to USB charger adapters to meet the demand for an affordable, versatile solution for charging.

If you’re a business owner and want to beat down your competitors then survey the market needs and get a stock ready for USB type C PD and GaN chargers as they’re the future of charging.

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