What is PD fast chargers?

If you have heard from somewhere that these days some high-tech Mobile Charges can juice up the phone from 0% ~ 100% in just 18 minutes, and now you are looking to buy one for your phone. But, You are confused about whether it will work for your phone or not, if it will, then how many watts chargers should you buy, where to buy from, and so on. Hey Dude, leave all the worries to us because we will answer all the necessary questions with A to Z Details.


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1) Types of PD Fast Chargers?


We can understand the biggest Disappointment in life is when your mobile battery ends in the middle of something and the most unpleasing moment in life is waiting for your mobile to get charged. Haha ! “Humanity has gone beyond the sky on the Moon and now we are going to step on Mars, but Why our Charges still Slow?” Well, you can say that 2 – 3 years earlier, but now there are Fast Chargers which can charge your phone in just 18 minutes up to 5 to 10 minutes, instead of 2 hours. But, not all so call fast chargers are “fast”, what are the differences?


Comparison of PD Fast Chargers Charging Speeds


Below is the list of some famous Fast Chargers, and we have also compared their charging speed for your easy understanding;


  50% Charge with powerstation PD 50% Charge with 5W Standard Charge 100% Charge with powerstation PD 100% Charge with 5W Standard Charge
iPhone X MAX 25 MINS 1 HR 27 MINS 1 HR 43 MINS 3 HRS 24 MINS
iPhone Xs 25 MINS 1 HR 14 MINS 1 HR 46 MINS 2 HR 53 MINS
iPhone XR 29 MINS 1 HR 22 MINS 1 HR 48 MINS 3 HRS 13 MINS
iPhone X 32 MINS 1 HR 20 MINS 2 HRS 3 HRS 9 MINS
iPhone 8 26 MINS 52 MINS 2 HRS 2 HRS 29 MINS
iPhone 8 Plus 27 MINS 1 HR 16 MINS 2 HRS 10 MINS 2 HRS 53 MINS

Data from https://www.zagg.com/en_us/mophie/pd-charging


Before you get a high watt charger for your phone,  you must be clearly known that whether your phone is charged with a type C port or a Micro USB port. If your phone is charged with a micro port than it is in vain to buy a fast charger.Even if you buy a 120 Watts Mobile charger for your Normal Non-Fast-Charging Phone, it will still charge at the same speed as it was before with the original charger.


It should be noted that if your phone supports Fast Charging, it does not mean it necessarily supports 120 Watts or 80 Watts fast charging. Some phones support charging speeds of 20 Watts, some 60 Watts, and so on. It depends on the input.


Other frequently asked questions:

Can I Use an 18W Charger For a 33W Mobile Phone?

-Yes.“A Higher watts Phone can be charged with any Lower Watts Charger but charging will be done at the pace of Lower Watt Charger Speed, irrespective of Phone Watts.


Can I Charge a 25W Mobile Phone with a 65W Charger?

–Yes. All phones have a  Built-in Over-Power protection system, if extra power is supplied by the charger or electrical fault, the phone will automatically reject the extra power and only used the power it needs to charge the Phone




2) How to choose suitable pd fast chargers for your local market?


After seeing all the Charger speeds, you may be thinking about getting 120 Watts fast charger to fill up your shelves or store. Stop, that’s not how business work. Before you purchase a bulk of variety mobile chargers from suppler, a market research is a fundamental step for any business.


What we suggest are the below research if you want to start your mobile chargers business. Just ask yourself the below question:

  • What is the best selling models ?
  • Who (which brands) is sell mobile chargers
  • What are the brands’advantages?
  • Who is their suppliers?
  • Amazon reviews of their mobile chargers , good and bad.
  • What certs need for local market.
  • How to choose the suitable express forwarder?
  • Do I need a warehouse or assign a 3PL centre?


For example, after reviews and researches, you prefer to choose a 20w pd fast charger for a fresh start, then you find out that, for US market,  FCC, ETL,DOE,PRO65. You search google, you find us. That is how you see this blog. If you are looking forward to source pd fast chargers manufacturer, we are the one. Quote is FREE. Contact us now.