If you are looking around to find a charger factory but you are unable to decide between wireless & wired chargers, then this blog is for you! We can understand just like everybody; you want to choose a charger that must be fast, does not cause overheating & exploding of the battery, is easy to use, is portable, and so on. Well,

Why Trust Us on Choosing Wired Chargers OR Wireless Chargers?


10kchargers is now has these mature wireless charging solution for PTU wireless charging, wireless charging for wearable, mobiles, electric toothbrush, 10w wireless charging for vehicles, table wireless charging and Bullet train wireless charging etc. So far, our main customers in wireless charging industries includes, BMW, Volkswagen, VOV,Audi,Porsche etc.





What is Wireless Charging?

Comparison Between Wireless Vs. Wired Charging?

How do I Choose Between a Wired & Wireless Charger?



1) What is Wireless Charging?


“Wireless charging means you can juice up a phone just by putting it on a tab, without connecting any kind of cable to the mobile phone from charger”


Wireless charging is also known by many other names like  Cordless Charging or Induction Charging. But How Does it Works?Most Wireless Chargers work on a process called Electromagnetic Induction.


Let us explain it simply for you: If we take a metal coil and keep on moving a magnet in a to & fro motion through it, then an Electric current will be generated in the coil, and the reverse is also true, which is if we pass changing current through a coil then magnetic field will be created around the coil.”


Wireless Chargers Working


So, on the charging pad, there is a coil through which changing amplitude electric current pass which generates a changing magnetic field.


When you put your phone on the pad, the magnetic field which was generated by the charging pad will pass through the coil ( already present in your phone ) and create a current in the coil, which will charge the phone battery.


As you noticed, there is no wire connected to the mobile from the charger, so the whole process is called Wireless Charging.

Wireless Charging Road Map



2) Comparison Between Wireless Vs. Wired Charging?




Wireless Chargers Wired Chargers
Less Size X
Neatness X
Ease of Use ✓✓✓ X
Easily Portable ✓✓✓
Charging Time ✓✓✓
No Over-Heating of Battery X ✓✓
No Risk of Data Theft by cable ✓✓✓ X
No Need to Connect Cable to Mobile ✓✓✓ X
No Wear & Tear by Connecting Cable again & again ✓✓✓ X
More Life-Span ✓✓ X
Less Price X ✓✓



Both Wireless and Wired chargers have their own pros & cons about which you can get an idea in the above table. If it is too hard to understand, then let me summarize a short difference between these two chargers kinds;


Wireless Chargers


Wireless Chargers Positive Aspects:

  • They look neat because the only pad is visible; the wire from the plug to the pad is fixed & can be hidden.
  • Ease of use, just put your mobile on it; No need to untangle the cable and no need to connect or disconnect it every time you need to charge.
  • It’s safe because there is no cable connected to your phone even when you charge from public places, so no data transfer can happen in any way.


Wireless Chargers Negative Aspects:

  • Wireless chargers are considering a little bit high in price
  • Charging by induction consumes more electricity and also heats the battery a little more.
  • Wireless Charging in new technology. So far, wireless chargers up to 80W are available, but the majority of mobile phones only support wireless charging up to 15 W.
  • Due to the technology development limit, the charging speed is slower than wired chargers.



Wired Chargers


Wired Chargers Positive Aspects:

  • Less in cost.
  • Very efficient.
  • Small sizeor even fold-able prongs, which makes them easy to carry anywhere.
  • Can Charger a mobile very fast; 10kchargers’s PD fast chargers can charge a mobile 50% in 8 minutes. From QC18W to 200W. Check to seek some idea models.


Wired Chargers Negative Aspects:

  • It is very confusing for end-users to identify to source a suitable charging cable for chargers.
  • Charging cable can get tangled easily, and it’s very bothersome to untangle it.
  • Charging cable is needed to connect every time, making wired chargers a little harder to use.
  • Damaged cable can cause an electric shock, damage your mobile or start a fire, etc.

3) How do I Choose Between a Wired & Wireless Chargers for my brand/trademark?


That depends your target customers’ characteristic/buying habit, usually we suggest to study your target market first. For eg:

  • For wired chargers :What mobile system does most your customer have? Android or IOS or others? This is very important, because if most of your potential buyers are iphone users, then it is not very worthy to consider buying FCP/SCP/VOOC charging protocols.
  • For wireless charger, you may want to locate the finest design and fancy package for your products range.


10kchargers Suggestions:


Now, if you have a wireless charging support Mobile and you are confused about should you buy a wired or wireless charger, then in our suggestion;


Wireless chargers are no doubt better than wired ones, but the major problems with wireless chargers are they are costly and most wireless charging mobiles only support 5W ~ 15W Slow charging which takes 4 to 6 hours for a full charge.


Buy both wireless & wired chargers. Put wireless chargers at your bedside tables, office tables & in your car while taking wired one with you all the time.


Use wireless chargers during the night and in the office; simply put your mobile on it when it is free, like you are putting it on a table, and use the wired charger if you need to charge your mobile in an emergency.



What’s Next;


If you want to buy High-quality Wireless & Wired chargers of 5 W ~ 150 W for all mobile phones, then you can buy from us. We 10kchargers have 18+ years of experience in this industry.


As we are based in China, where labor is cheap, we can provide you chargers at 3 ~ 5 times less Wholesale price than American & other 1st world countries manufacturers. Just send us a message, and we will give you a free quote!


“Don’t hesitate, it may makes you thousands of Dollars.”